Over 25 years
of experience.

Our Head Chef began his journey in the culinary arts long before he stepped foot into the arena of professional cooking. A truly passionate chef at heart, he has made it his personal mission to have each and every one of his customers delight in the charms of Turkish culture and cuisine with every bite they have. 

With over 25 years of experience serving in restaurants around the globe under his belt, our Head Chef promises you a dining experience like no other!

“A Feast for the Eyes, A Banquet for Your Stomach - Turkish Cuisine”

Flavorful, savory, and with just the right amount of spice, Turkish Cuisine is a staple entry among the most diverse and distinct cuisines in the world. An inherently healthy fare, owing to the rich herbs and spices that many dishes are built around, Turkish Cuisine is famed for its ability to take gourmets on a journey across the Arabian Nights; its unique tastes are certain to dazzle, enchant and revitalize anyone who gives it a shot.

Turkish Cuisine is almost entirely seasonal, featuring an abundant variety of mouth-watering dishes made up of nutritious and fresh produce. The cornucopia of new and exciting seasonal dishes means that you can welcome the change of the seasons with a stirring new variety of halal meats, greens, and spices.

Innately healthy and possessed of an array of antioxidant properties, Turkish Cuisine promotes good health and well-being throughout the year, with each of its flavors and spices working to lower cholesterol, heighten your immunity, and eradicate toxins.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on over and have a taste! We promise you that it will be an experience you will not regret!

Love at first bite

The Sultan Ahmet boasts a rich menu made up of signature Turkish dishes crafted using the finest ingredients and by the most skilled hands in our kitchen. Sure to mesmerize you with its Byzantine composition and enchant you with its flavorful combinations, our twist on traditional Turkish Cuisine guarantees our diners an experience like never before.

And if you’re trying our cuisine for the first time? We assure you that it will be love at first bite.

“Meet the Man at the Helm: Our Head Chef”

Ahmet Dogan

Head Chef & Co-Founder

Hailing from Turkey, our Head Chef and Co-Founder Arsalan Ahmet Dogan has brought his time-honored family recipes to the heart of Mississauga.

Mr. Ahmet Dogan has a long and intimate history of experience with Turkish cuisine. Even as a child, he’d already developed a deep-seated interest in ingredients and cooking techniques. This curiosity eventually led him to get his Bachelor’s degree at Gastronomy Adiyaman University. Our Head Chef Arsalan Ahmet then went on to start his professional career in 1996 as a butcher in Gaziantep Mudurnu Restaurant. Following that, he was appointed a chef at Adana Zirh Kebab House in 1999. A firm believer in constantly challenging himself to build new and innovative recipes, he would go on to be a Master chef in several other restaurants such as the Antalya Jasmine Hotel & Restaurant, Antalya Blue Night Hotel, Korea Pasha Turkish Cuisine, Korea Turkish Cuisine & Ice Cream, Antalya Sueno Beach Hotel, and Toronto Kebab Time Turkish Cuisine. 

With over  20 years of experience to his name, he established the Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine in North York, Ontario, and would then follow that up with his newest restaurant yet, the Sultan Ahmet Turkish Cuisine. His personal culinary philosophy one that drives him to innovate new ways in which each guest could feel as if they were joining him for Sunday lunch. His signature style of flamboyant dishes each looks as if they were an intricately crafted 3D sculpture. And, refusing to be limited to excellence in presentation alone, each of his dishes that arrive on your table promise to be colorful, creative, and, most of all, tasty. He continues to exceed all limitations by combining his creativity with local, healthy ingredients from passionate producers.

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“Experience our Turkish Delights Today!”

Our marvelous restaurant is located at 5055 Plantation Place, Mississauga, ON L5M 6J3 (Winston Churchill and Eglinton/Close to Loblaws Plaza)

The values that drive everything we do


We seek to tell our story through the food we serve and aim to deliver our customers fresh produce, high-quality food, and smiling service.


We highlight delicious tastes while celebrating sustainable and seasonal ingredients.

Love & Passion

Our menu offers an amazing variety of Turkish specialties all prepared with love and passion in our kitchen.


We put our customers first by being friendly, available, attentive, and quick to take care of customers’ needs.

Care & craft

What sets our Turkish food apart from so many other dishes is the ingredients. The food is filled with a wide array of fruits, nuts, and vegetables.


Excellent food and service are always a team effort. All members of our team have a role in making the customers’ experience memorable.