Today, we shine the spotlight on a dish that has become a hallmark of Turkish delight – Iskender Kebap with Yogurt.
Legend has it that the dish was created by Iskender Efendi in the early 19th century. He combined succulent slices of doner meat, a rich tomato sauce, and the smoothness of yogurt. Created a dish that would leave an indelible mark on Turkish cuisine.

Iskender Kebap with Yogurt

The Crafting Process

We start the process with a careful selection of the finest cuts of halal beef meat. The meat is then seasoned with a blend of spices. Next comes the meticulous art of slow roasting the marinated meat on a vertical rotisserie. We ensure that each slice is imbued with the smoky, charred goodness. The process demands time and precision.
The crowning glory of Iskender Kebap lies in the preparation of its signature tomato sauce, made with fresh ripe tomatoes and a harmonious blend of spices.
The creamy, tangy yogurt serves as the perfect counterbalance to the robust flavors of the meat and the zesty tomato sauce. It adds a refreshing velvety texture.

Iskender Kebap with Yogurt

The Finishing Touch

To complete the Iskender Kebap experience, we garnish the dish with a drizzle of melted butter. The dish is then served on a bed of warm pide bread, soaking up the flavorful juices. This enhances the overall dining experience.

Iskender Kebap with Yogurt Dinner

Our beverage suggestion: Iskender Kebap with Yogurt pairs perfectly with Freshly Squeezed Carrot Juice, Raisin Sharbat, or Gazoz Original.

With its rich history, meticulous preparation, and a symphony of flavors, this iconic Turkish delight is sure to transport you to the vibrant streets of Bursa. We invite you to savor the authenticity of Iskender Kebap, a testament to the time-honored traditions and culinary craftsmanship that define Turkish gastronomy. Reserve your table now!