Tulumba represents a Turkish dessert that holds a cherished place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. It’s a staple during festive occasions and family gatherings, symbolizing the sweetness of life and the joy found in shared moments. Now, you can partake in this tradition at Sultan Ahmet Turkish Cuisine.

Crafting Tulumba

Tulumba is one of the many gastronomic masterpieces made in our restaurant, shaped by a straightforward batter. The distinguishing factor lies in the meticulous method employed to shape and fry these golden-brown, cylindrical wonders. This process results in a satisfying crunch on the outside, unveiling a soft and airy interior.

Syrupy Bliss

The magic of Tulumba doesn’t end just with its texture. After the initial frying, each piece undergoes a luxurious soak in a fragrant sugar syrup. This step ensures that every bite is infused with sweetness, creating an unforgettable blend of textures that will leave you craving for more.

Aroma Extravaganza

Prepare yourself for the enticing scent of fried dough and sweet syrup as it fills the air with nostalgia and warmth. Close your eyes, and you might find yourself navigating the vibrant stalls of a Turkish bazaar, surrounded by the lively hum of locals and the rich fragrance of spices. Simply called – Aroma Extravaganza.

At our restaurant, we serve Tulumba as a versatile dessert. It’s perfect for savoring on its own or accompanied with our delicious Vanilla or Turkish ice cream. Whatever you choose to pair it with, our Tulumba promises to be a delightful addition to your dessert repertoire.

Our chef takes immense pride in presenting the finest flavors of Turkish cuisine. The Tulumba, with its crisp exterior and syrupy core, is a manifestation of the culinary heritage that inspires us. Join us on a journey of taste and tradition as you indulge in the sweet allure of Tulumba – a dessert that bridges cultures and brings the essence of Turkey to your table.